Means of acting

In order to achieve its objectives the Hellenic National Youth Council (H.N.Y.C.) acts in accordance with the law and the statute, in any manner deemed expedient by the governing bodies. The  H.N.Y.C. should and can:

1. Interfere and express publicly its positions on issues concerning youth policy.

2. Collaborate with other social institutions (universities, unions, other NGOs etc.) and Greek State and European Union officials.

3. Participate in national and international networks of organizations on issues relating to young people and their organizations.

4. Organize public events (congresses, conferences, workshops, debates, lectures, etc.).

5. Conduct basic and applied research on issues related to its objectives and undertake relevant research programs.

6. Establish committees and working groups.

7. Promote cultural and sports purposes which relate and interest young people and their organizations.

8. Issue several leaflets, produce print and electronic material and publish in any format in connection with the purposes of the H.N.Y.C.

9. Organize specialized training programs and training aimed at its members and all those interested to participate, depending on the type of program. 

10. Produces specialized educational packages, information databases and library facilities for matters relevant to the H.N.Y.C. and its members.

11. Organize exchange of experiences and ideas with international organizations.

12. Undertake programs and activities in areas of local, regional, national and international cooperation in youth affairs and deal with international problems (such as social and economic development, humanitarian assistance and environment protection etc.).

13. Coordinate the implementation of programs and projects in Greece that are the result of participating in European or other international institutions or fora.

14. Provide services and products to its members, as proposed by its members and accepted by regulatory bodies.

15. Create, establish and operate support structures for young people and their organizations.

16. Participate in non-profit organizations and committees for special purposes that contribute to the achievement of its goals.

17. Establish branches all over Greece and abroad, when deemed necessary by the governing bodies.

18. Establish structures of consultation with the society.

19. Adopt any action strategies proposed by its members and accepted by its regulatory bodies.

20. Cooperate or become a member in other associations, federations, national or international organizations with the same or similar goals and create or participate in platforms or networks of civil society.

21. Create or participate in the creation of other non-government organizations (non-profit organization, association, institution, non-government organization, etc.) within and outside Greece if the founding or the participating in them serves the goals of the H.N.Y.C and is decided by simple majority of the Executive Committee or the Council or the Conference.